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Swiss services company founded in 2013, Loyco has developed a unique business model offering organisations complete management of their human resources, insurance, risk management, finance, tax and marketing. Loyco stands out for its people-centred values, its sustainable vision of performance and its thirst for innovation.

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Marie Blaser

Head of Sustainable Development

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Direkter Beitrag zu den SDGs


Goal 1

By 2023, we will ensure a better gender balance on our board of Directors, with at least 3 women out of 8 members, and internally with a 50 % female and 50 % male representation for all coordinator positions*. 

* The role of coordinator (holacracy, sociocracy): team leader, position of responsibility within Loyco.

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Internal operations

Goal 2

From 2024 onwards and in line with our commitment to gender equity, we are committed to achieving equal pay for all employees.

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Internal operations

Goal 3

By 2025, we will ensure the full employment of every Loycomate (100 % of Loyco employees) by evaluating operational activities and offering teams the opportunity to develop the necessary professional and personal skills.

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Internal operations

Goal 4

By 2024, we will support our main suppliers and partners, according to the cost and frequency of services, in improving their social and environmental impacts*.

* Representing at least 80 % of the costs of the previous fiscal year or depending on the frequency of services.

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Supply chain and Core Business

Goal 5

By 2030, we will significantly reduce our carbon footprint and implement innovative solutions in our value chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions*.

* As a continuation of the carbon assessment carried out in 2019 and the current carbon assessment underway with quantified emissions by the end of 2023, taking into account Scopes 1, 2 & 3.

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Internal operations

Hinweis: Bis 2023 bezeichnet systematisch das Ende des Jahres, das heisst: Bis zum Ende des Jahres 2023 (ausser anders definiert, z. B. Geschäftsjahr)

Other Commitments