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Loyco SA


Swiss services company founded in 2013, Loyco has developed a unique business model offering organisations complete management of their human resources, insurance, risk management, finance, tax and marketing. Loyco stands out for its people-centred values, its sustainable vision of performance and its thirst for innovation.

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Direkter Beitrag zu den SDGs


Goal 1

By 2024, we support our main suppliers and partners, according to the cost and frequency of services, in improving their social and environmental impacts*.

* Representing at least 80 % of the costs of the previous fiscal year or depending on the frequency of services.

Supply chain and Core Business

Goal 2

From 2024 onwards and in line with our commitment to gender equity, we achieve equal pay for all employees.

Internal operations

Goal 3

By 2023, we ensure a better gender balance on our board of Directors, with at least 3 women out of 8 members, and internally with an equal representation of women and men for all coordinator positions*. 

* The role of coordinator (holocracy, sociocracy): team leader, position of responsibility within Loyco.

Internal operations

Goal 4

By 2030, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and implement innovative solutions in our value chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions*.

* As a continuation of the carbon assessment carried out in 2019 and the current carbon assessment underway with quantified emissions by the end of 2023, taking into account Scopes 1, 2 & 3.

Internal operations

Goal 5

By 2025, we ensure the full employment of every Loycomate (100 % of Loyco employees) by assessing operational activities and offering teams the opportunity to develop the necessary professional and personal skills.

Internal operations

Loyco SA operates in Switzerland. The pledges taken within the STI framework apply to the sustainability policy for all activities of Loyco SA in Switzerland. The company is therefore accountable for their implementation within the limits of its field of activity.

Hinweis: Bis 2023 bezeichnet systematisch das Ende des Jahres, das heisst: Bis zum Ende des Jahres 2023 (ausser anders definiert, z. B. Geschäftsjahr)

Other Commitments

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