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F. Preisig AG


F. Preisig AG is a leading independent company with 210 employees and 5 locations in Switzerland. The engineering company was founded in 1961 and is family-owned.

Our range of services includes transport infrastructure, civil engineering, structural engineering, environment, energy, water, construction consulting and traffic planning.

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Direkter Beitrag zu den SDGs


Goal 1

By 2023, we develop binding guidelines for sustainable construction and train all our employees once a year in this regard*. 

* According to the SNBS criteria catalogue and further criteria specific to civil engineering.

Core business

Goal 2

By 2025, we carry out at least 5 consultancy mandates per year in the field of sustainable construction*. 

* Aiming to be known throughout the industry sector by 2030 as leading consultants in the fields of recyling/circular economy, CO2 measuring of infrastructure, climate in cities and district heating.

Core business

Goal 3

By 2025, we are carbon neutral (Scopes 1, 2 & 3) and commit to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and by 2030, we reduce our tCO2eq emissions by 50 % (Scopes 1, 2 & 3) compared to 2021.

Internal operations

Goal 4

By 2030, we achieve an average gender balance of 35 % in all our leadership positions, compared to 11.8 % in 2022*. 

* Board of Directors, Executive Board, Head of Department/Site Management and Team Management. Equal pay already achieved throughout the company.

Internal operations

F. Preisig AG operates in Switzerland. The pledges taken within the STI framework apply to the sustainability policy for all activities of F. Preisig AG in Switzerland. The company is therefore accountable for their implementation within the limits of its field of activity.

Hinweis: Bis 2023 bezeichnet systematisch das Ende des Jahres, das heisst: Bis zum Ende des Jahres 2023 (ausser anders definiert, z. B. Geschäftsjahr)

Other Commitments

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