Frequently asked questions

Behind the scenes of Foxy Fur?

All Furs our are hand made,most are knitted. Being hamdmade no two garments are alike. The tailors are very happy to have regular work that helps provide for their families. They do such a beautiful job, im grateful to have found them!

The faux fur or natural fur debate?

Campaigns to ban fur, have resulted in animal-derived products being replaced by synthetic fake fur made of polyester. But while faux fur is launded, animal-friendly environmental campaigners are forever criticising plastic products for pollutiong the oceans. Purchasing clothing made of synthetic fibres and wearing them only for a season then throwing away, is not considerating our earth as a whole. Natural fur is a sustainable fibre, compostable, and therfore doesn't impact the environment. Leather, silk and wool are also biodegradable, and recyclable. When you buy a special fur garment to add to your wardrobe, you can often have it corse a lifetime, not a season, passing it lovingly onto a loved one. This adds to a more circular fashion economy.

Some people claim that the fur industry skins animals alive. Is this true!?

Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Trade Federation has made it clear that it would be totally unacceptable, and impractical to do this!! There has been no factual evidence, names or locations of any one in the fur industry taking part in the barbaric practise of animals being skinned alive for fur.

Are all Foxy garments designed in New Zealand

Yes! Jen has spent over 4 years designing, tweeking and polishing all her Foxy pieces. Her ideas come from keeping a strong eye on the fashion industry and its trends. The designs are only shared once shes totally in love with the garment. Jen is a visual person, with a strong sense of her own eclectic style. The Foxy brand evolved from her drive to want to provide first class pieces of clothing for a fair price.

How long will it take to get my Foxy garment if its out of stock?

Anywhere from 3 - 6 weeks. Please know that Jen will go out of her way to get the best outcome to you, so please just call. Jen 02140307

How do I take care of my fur?

. Professional dry clean only. Please consult your dry cleaner first to make sure they can confidently clean fur garments. . Shake out regularly and or air out on the washing line. . Your fur will be fine in the rain. . Hang in a well ventilated space out of the sunshine. . Fur can be gentally brushed to bring back to life!

How long will my fur moult for!?

Lasts about 5 wears:) We suggest shaking your garment prior to wearing to reduce moulting. Please note: your Foxy Fur is a natural product so you may experience initial moulting and this will substantially reduce with wear. A clothes brush will remove residue.

Can I try it on before I buy?

Yes of course! You are welcome to make an appointment to try on through the week or weekend. Otherwise you can purchase, try on and if your garment isnt suitable, return within 3 weeks for a full refund or exchange.

Postage costs?

Your Foxy piece will be couriered out to you with a track and trace. This usually costs no more than $10